What Makes A Great Chauffeur?

Being a chauffeur means more than just being a driver. It means being a courteous professional who delivers unparalleled service. One expert chauffeur offers three tips to help you become the best chauffeur:

1. Pay Attention To Your Appearance

Appearance is a subtle, but crucial part of the chauffeur’s job. In order to ensure a client’s comfort during their ride, chauffeurs need to create the proper atmosphere. Chauffeurs need to look a certain way: they represent class, quality and dignity by being well-groomed and dressed in a crisp, clean suit.

Do not forget that the way one carries oneself – demeanor, facial expressions, and tone of voice – are also part of their appearance. Great chauffeurs must carry themselves in a way that exudes quiet confidence, professionalism, and competence.

2. Always Be Prepared

Chauffeurs spend a lot of time on the road, meaning they get to know the areas they drive in pretty well. But, no matter how well a chauffeur knows an area, they must always prepare for their trips in advance.

When a chauffeur receives their assignment, they should look up the area – even if they have been there before – to find all possible routes from point A to point B. A chauffeur may always take one way to get from the airport to the hotel, but roadway construction or an accident may delay the regular travel time. If the chauffeur did not prepare, then they won’t be able to meet the client’s need and deliver them to their destination on time.

3. Know When — And When Not — To Talk

Some chauffeurs believe that they should try to talk a lot to their customers. They believe that, if they make great conversations, clients will enjoy the ride more and tip them better. But this is not necessarily the case. In reality, there is a fine line between talking too much and not talking enough.

Chauffeurs need to learn how to read their customers. By paying attention to a client’s body language and mood, chauffeurs can often determine just how much talking a client wants. Are they looking for a long, lively conversation, or a silent, peaceful drive to the hotel?

Because chauffeuring is more than just driving, aspiring chauffeurs should keep tips like these in mind every time they transport a client. Chauffeurs must get their clients from point A to point B, but they must also make sure their clients are safe and comfortable in the process.

By Sean Christiansen